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OCR Classical Greek GCSE Language Paper 1 Unofficial Markscheme

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    Thought I'd make a mark scheme for the paper-now complete, feel free to discuss!

    Section A
    Q- For how long did the Trojans and Greeks fight? [1]
    A- 10 years

    Q- How was Achilles described? [2]
    A- The bravest/ of the Greeks.

    Q- Describe in detail the terrible deed which Achilles did? [4]
    A- Having fastened the corpse/ to the chariot, he dragged it/ around the walls of the city.

    Q- Who was Priam? Give two details. [2]
    A- He was the King of Troy/ and the father of Hector

    Q– What did Priam want to do and why? [4] (or 3, not sure?)
    A – He wanted to ask/ for the body of his son/ so that he could bury it/ according to custom.

    Q– What did Priam bring with him? [3]
    A– He brought gold/ and other/ gifts.

    Q - How did Priam's wife fell about this plan? [2] (or maybe one... cannot remember!)
    A - She was afraid of the danger

    Q– Which Greek word describes how he went there? Translate it into English. [2]
    A – lathrai /in secret or secretly

    Total: 20 marks.

    Section B– Translation [20]
    I can only remember bits:
    /Priam was coming to the camp of Achilles by night in silence. The path was long and difficult./
    Zeus, having noticed the old man and pitying him, sent Hermes to lead him./ Therefore the messenger of the gods immediately appeared,/ diguised as a young man from the camp of Achilles. /On the one hand, he was amazed, on the other hand the god told him not to be afraid./

    Section C
    Q – When did Hermes disappear? [1]
    A – When they reached/ the camp of Achilles.

    Q – Therefore what did Priam do? (Can’t remember the exact q…) [2]
    A – He went in/ alone.

    Q – How did Priam respect/greet Achilles? Tick one box. [1]
    A – The third and final box – He took his hands.

    Q – How did Priam describe himself? [1]
    A – Unlucky.

    Q – What happened before Achilles killed Hector? [3]
    A – Formerly/ many of his sons/ died.

    Q - What did Priam say would happen to Achilles' father? [2]
    A - He said that Achilles' father was an old man, just like Priam,/ and would soon die.

    Q – What happened after Priam finished speaking? [3]
    A – Priam and Achilles/ cried/ for a long time.

    Q – What did Achilles say he would do? [3]
    A – He said that he would give back/ Priam’s son/ to Priam.

    Q –Derivatives of the words polis and gune. [4]
    Politics/ politician / political – To do with city and state
    Metropolis/ Metropolitan – Large/busy/capital/prime city or state
    Policy - A course of action determined by a city or state
    Cosmopolis / Cosmopolitan - a city inhabited by people from many different countries
    Megalopolis - a very large/heavily populated city
    Necropolis - Large cemetery of a(n ancient) city
    Acropolis - Part of a(n ancient) city built on a hill

    Gune: Gynaecologist/ Gynaecology – Practicioner/practice of women’s’ diseases.
    Misogynist/ Misogynistic – hater of women/against women
    Polygyny - Having many wives/ more than one wife.
    Philogyny - Love of women
    Gynophobia - Fear of women
    Gynephilia - Sexual orientation towards women
    Gynocentrism - entirely focusing on women

    Total: 20 marks

    Please note: the use of the slash in Sections A and C denote each marking point. In Section B they separate the five phrases, which are each worth four marks depending on how well you translated them with the following marks awarded in translation:
    4: Correct translation with one minor error allowed.
    3: Overall sense clear – one serious or two minor errors allowed.
    2: Partcorrect, overall sense lacking/not clear.
    1: Not coherent, isolated knowledge of vocabulary only.
    0: Totally wrong or left out.
    N.B - inconsequential errors should be ignored – minor errors are separate from them.

    This is the same mark scheme I posted in the OCR GCSE Classics thread, but this has easier navigation and so noone needs to search for it. Feel free to discuss or over at the OCR GCSE Classics thread.
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