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If feminists don't want to be criticized as a single entity...

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    (Original post by KingBradly)
    So feminism is completely superfluous then, as our society has already achieved these things.
    There's a big difference between legal equality and social equality - social equality has not yet been achieved, as there are many ways in which both men and women re disadvantaged and treated differently. That's like saying there's no homophobia in Britain because gay people have the same rights as straight people, yet obviously this isn't true.

    (Original post by KingBradly)
    It's irrelevant who you consider 'proper feminists', so I don't know why you keep harping on about it. Additionally, how many pieces of feminist literature have you read?
    Well as you've already said, I can't speak for every feminist, therefore I can only give you my own opinion. And I haven't read many yet but I intend to read more in the future.

    (Original post by Craig1998)
    No it isn't.
    I definitely agree with you that if you believe men and women should have equal rights then you are a feminist, but I was thinking more about things like being anti-abortion. For example many people believe that if someone is pro-life (and want to ban/prevent all abortion from happening) then you cannot be a feminist, even if you do genuinley believe in gender equality. Tbh I would probably agree with this, but others may not.
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Updated: June 12, 2016
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