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What do i do?

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    I was in a LDR with this guy for a little while and we were pretty much perfect together, we never argued, we laughed all the time and had fun all the time. Now we broke up before because of this reason so the first time we broke up hes was really busy with papers for school. He was really busy and had pretty much no time to talk, he would text maybe like 4 times a day but that's it, so I ended it. He was the type of person when he was doing something or school or work he would put 100% into it and ignore everything around him. We got back together 3 days later and after he was done his papers he had so much time for me. A couple months pass and he was looking for a summer job and getting ready for university in the fall so again he didn't have a lot of time for me and this time it got worse because I was in love with him so it hurt a lot. I told him about how I was feeling and he apologized saying it would get better and then it didn't, so I asked again and he said it would get better and then it didn't again. So he decided to end it. He told me I didn't deserve to feel like that. It wasn't fair to me to be in a relationship with someone who couldn't give me enough time and he said it hurt him that he was the reason I was unhappy and all hes ever wanted was for me to be happy. He told me we could maybe try being friends in a few months just so we can heal. But I don't want to just be friends so I contacted him a couple of times in the past month and hes ignored every single message. He still keeps me on social media but ignores all my messages and it hurts. I don't know what to think. If maybe hes moved on, or he needs to heal, or hes taking the break up hard I don't know. He doesn't post anything on social media but he does unfollow and accept peoples follows so I know hes still alive. But I don't know what to think of it anymore.


    Have you messaged him saying that you acknowledge that he need time for other things too? Because he might be feeling that you don't want him to have any other activities than you and university is a big step to be worried about perhaps try to be more supportive
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Updated: June 11, 2016
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