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Confusing repeat year situation

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    I am on a sandwich course which lasts 4 years (first 2 years->sandwich year->3rd year).

    13/14 - I failed some of the 1st year modules and had to retake them alongside 2nd year module that did not require prerequistes. This was completely my fault.

    14/15 - I paseed all the remining year 1 modules and 2nd year module with no issues.

    15/16 - This is where it gets tricky. I've been doing rest of the 2nd year modules this year and due to personal circumstances and financial difficulties I had to work full time during 1st semester which inevitably caused me to fail all my assignments. In return this caused alot of stress and together with worsening and continued personal circumstances that I don't think I can officialy prove in any way (something to do with my closest family member trying to commit suicide multiple times over the period of a year), caused a complete loss of motivation and depression that I have not been treating (I have not seen a doctor about this either). Ultimately I failed the year and I am allowed to resit modules in July. I managed to pull through the depression and I am fully motivated to try hard and pass this. The thing is, should I fail a module again I will be required to repeat it next year.

    With the way things are, is Sandwich year actually counted into the Duration of Course+1gift year? Is it 4+1 or 3+1 in this case? I am planning on skipping sandwich when the time comes. Is it a possibility to use my sandwich year as an additional repeat year instead (so I can repeat this year 16/17 and then hop straight into the final 3rd year and finish my course in 17/18)?.
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Updated: June 12, 2016
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