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Immigration is modern day colonialism

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    (Original post by Danny the Geezer)
    The standard of living is much higher in the UK then say Lithiuania or Latvia.

    Why wouldn't they want to come given the choice?

    Economic migrants aside for a second and focus on asylum seekers and refugees.

    Why do they come here instead of the nearest safe country (which was legislation up until fairly recently).
    Some for economic reasons and some for social reasons. They may have relatives or people they know who migrated to the UK earlier and want to join them. The UK is also friendlier to Muslims than many other countries in both law and public attitude; France has their notorious religious symbols law. Also, the UK has a kinder and quicker asylum system compared to France and Germany. Related to this, once they are granted asylum they can quickly find employment after six months.

    You also mention the nearest safe country. 2 million Syrian refugees are already in Turkey and over 1 million have fled to Lebanon. So many do go into neighbouring countries but the problem is that many are getting overwhelmed. The 28,000 looking for asylum in the UK is minute compared to these countries and even Germany which has accepted nearly half a million.

    (Original post by Danny the Geezer)
    in a way. Without the violence/bloodshed. Yes, the British built their empire on steamrolling into countries and taking all their resources but what about these immigrants risking life and limb and bypassing other safe countries to live off our housing system/welfare state? Not to mention the strain on schools, hospitals, public transport etc etc.
    There are different types of migrants. Do you mean refugees?
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Updated: June 12, 2016
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