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PGCE Advice Needed

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    I currently have an offer to start a PGCE secondary english course come september. However, as of late i've been having serious second thoughts about the whole thing. I am now stuck as to whether I should do my masters qualification instead.

    To put it bluntly, i feel sick of the pgce before i have even started. I'm now feel i would be better suited lecturing, as i have come to enjoy the university environment more than the secondary one. I work doing open days at my university and have met plenty of parents of prospective students who are secondary school teachers. All of which have not had one single positive thing to say about secondary teaching. Even my lecturers have spoken negatively, one even went from secondary teaching to lecturing.

    At first I was like, it's only one teacher, i'm sure it's not the same. Now after the countless one's i have met and the pages upon pages of negative posts here I feel like my gut is telling me i am making the wrong choice and should do my masters instead.I have done nothing but sob at the thought of making the wrong decision and i haven't even began what many consider to be the most stressful year of their lives.

    Furthermore, having received my final degree results, I now feel i perhaps have more in me to take my degree qualification further, having seen the vast majority of my grades across the year range from 64 - 70%. In comparison to just scrapping 60's last year, bar one module.I do however, have a placement in a secondary school for the next two weeks. It was part of my conditional offer for my pgce, so I will use that time to help me decide. But in the meantime I will begin my application for the masters.

    Does anyone here have some advice?


    Trust your gut about the PGCE. Seriously, if it's making you cry just thinking about it, drop the idea for the moment. You can always go back to it in a few years if you change your mind.

    Having said that, university lecturing is by no means a walk in the park. Many unis (mine included) now insist that teaching staff have PhDs, so be prepared to have another few years of research-based study ahead of you. After that, post-doc vacancies are fearsomely competitive - there are far more people getting PhDs each year than there are vacancies requiring a PhD. No reason you shouldn't give it a red hot go, but be realistic.
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    I've thought about doing lecturing alongside a PhD or going into something else completely, like marketing. After all, I'm 21 and I've only ever been in education.

    (Original post by andrew6544)
    I've thought about doing lecturing alongside a PhD or going into something else completely, like marketing. After all, I'm 21 and I've only ever been in education.
    The likelihood is that a uni would want you to have a PhD before employing you as a lecturer, so you need to look into that. My current uni permits PhD researchers to give occasional lectures, but they aren't permitted to deliver entire modules or lecture series. You might find some which are less stringent though - our Student Union get very snippy about undergrads being taught by PhD students.
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Updated: June 12, 2016
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