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How the left respond to the recent attack in Orlando now we know the perp was Muslim?

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    There's a problem with Islam no other religion seems to be so strict, and have an all encompassing hold over every aspect of a persons life, the difference is identity if you ask someone who they are they generally say British, A Labour supporter, A tory supporter, religion tends to come far down in the case of list if you ask an Islam follower they tend to say Muslim first that is their identity. Thats a big problem with integration with different faiths and to deny it would be silly.

    (Original post by Axel Johann)
    We would say exactly the same thing, you can't generalise a group of people based on the actions of a few.

    How does that not get to your brain?

    Edit :- it looks like you changed your OP to:

    But you know w simple look into the social attitudes of Muslims makes it clear there is a problem and that said problem almost certainly played some part in this atrocity.

    The, #Notallmuslims argument doesn't work very well when although the minority are extremists, A concerning percentage support the views and actions of the extremists. And to idiots blaming gun control, gun free zones are the place where most this **** happens, you think a sociopath is going to go "Oh golly a gun free zone, I wont shoot up that club of gays I hate because Allah says kill all infidels"

    A small percentage of people were nazis back in the day, the majority were not, many supported the views of the nazis, millions of people died as a result, the peaceful majority was irrelevant, same happened in China and Russia with similar statistics and results, the few extremists mattered and the peaceful majority whom most held the same views were irrelevant and millions still died.
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Updated: June 18, 2016
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