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Guy doesn't want to be with me but flirts all the time

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    I've liked a guy for almost 6 months, and we were seeing each other, and I wanted it to become something more serious but in the end he didn't.
    He changed his mind a lot about me over the course of these few months, saying he was interested, then that he only liked me as a friend, then interested again.
    Anyway his final conclusion was that he really likes me a lot, and finds me really attractive, but he feels that I'm more quiet than him and that he just didn't get that 'feeling'.
    Anyway, I'd felt a little led on by him and we had a bit of an argument.

    We used to talk every day but stopped, the people who I told said he was an idiot, I could do better etc.. It was his birthday the other day so I wished him a happy birthday. We ended up talking, and he'd been cold with me the other day but started being nice again.

    We ended up talking and joking just like before and having some good discussions. We're both into fitness and the gym so we talked about that, and the convo ended with him saying I've got a very shapely figure, and then he said he wasn't saying this to annoy me, but I had a really nice bum.

    I tried to change the subject as it tends to get very flirty between us, so I just talked about something else.

    I told my 2 friends and they said how out of order he is flirting with me like that only a week after telling me he didn't want a relationship, me and him were too different etc.

    my friend thinks he does really like me and is just confused, and the second one thinks he just likes the attention from me and takes advantage of the fact that I like him. He's started to like more of my stuff on fb and she says it's because he doesn't wan tto lose my attention.

    What do people think? Thanks
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    and that flirting is not new, we have hooked up a few times over the course of the last few months, but he's always said I'm really pretty, and always goes on about how great my body is. he also compliments my personality though; saying how kind and funny I am; he's just confusing...

    He's pumpin n dumpin you
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    He wanted us t ostop seeing each other, so we're not anymore, and I also wanted to as well because I wanted something more. But even though we've stopped, he still flirts, so it's confusing..

    He's a tease, which is not an attractive trait in either sex. The best bet is to go pretty cold on him and focus on finding someone who is up for a relationship.
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    So do you think he's not interested at all he just likes to flirt? Yeah ishould do that
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    F*ck him (maybe the wrong choice of words lol).The simple fact is that he's explicitly said that he doesn't want a relationship with you. He might be happy "seeing" you, but if he doesn't want to become anything more than the larger point is that he's looking for something else. Would you trust them in a relationship?

    There's literally 4,000,000+ guys aged 20-24, it's not as though you have slim pickings and obviously some guys within that demographic might care about you.
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