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Second marker reduced dissertation mark by 16 points. Is this fair?

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    At my university our undergraduate dissertations are marked separately by two lecturers, the first one being our supervisor. They then get together to discuss and agree a final grade. Well due to an 'administrative error' they accidentally left the first marker's grade as well as the final grade.

    The first marker gave me 88 and said it was of publishable quality and other great things. The second marker's comments indicated the opposite, and the final grade was 72. Marker one said it demonstrated a broad and deep understanding of the literature, marker two (who is not an ezpert in the area) said the opposite! I know these are both great grades, but a reduction of 16 seems ridiculously unfair and suggests that the second marker thought it was worth much less.

    Has anyone else had an experience like this? Is there anything I can/should do? Advice would be much appreciated, thank you.

    This happened to my boyfriend. His first marker (who wasn't his supervisor) thought everything was of a "good" to "very good" quality according to each of the criteria, awarding him a mid 2.1. The second marker rated a lot of them "average" to "poor" and gave him a low 2.2. What especially irritated me about the second marker was that he rated the spelling and grammar to be below average. I spent hours of my own time proofreading his work for errors and can attest that there were absolutely no spelling mistakes and the sentence structure, punctuation etc. were fine. Very frustrating and feels as though the second marker had hardly even read it! He got a low 2.1 in the end, pulled down by the second marker.

    I would say to even get a 72 you would need to show deep understanding of the literature.

    However, due to the high discrepancy between markers I would try and push for a 3rd marker on those grounds.

    Look up the uni rules and follow the appeals oricedure for a remark as per Noodlzz. All the details will be on the website or student handbook.
    Your mark can down as well as up plus it will give you peace of mind. Nothing to lose.
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Updated: June 13, 2016
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