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Postgraduate IT course with non-numerate UG degree?

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    I just wondered if anyone knew of the best path to get onto a postgraduate IT course like software engineering without a computer science related degree.

    I have a 2:2 BSc from a good university. I also have A Levels in Maths, Physics and Geography grades CCC but taken about 15 years ago.

    I already have a reasonable amount of student debt because whilst I was an undergraduate I developed a serious mental illness and unfortunately had to repeat several academic years and take time away from my studies.

    At the moment my housing/financial situation is quite stable although I can't really afford to pay £9k/year in fees and I don't think I would be able to study full time.

    I've been teaching myself how to code but I think I need to gain a professional qualification. I haven't worked in industry but I know this is what I'd like to do.

    If I had the relevant work experience a university may be willing to consider my application for a part time MSc in a computer related course however that would take a long time to get. It's a bit of a chicken and the egg type situation.

    I've thought about maybe going back to college but the only courses I can see round here are apprenticeships and I'm not sure how doable that would be as I already work part time. There used to be Access to Higher Education courses which would at least provide some relevant content even if it was just up to an A Level standard, it's better than nothing. Or perhaps the first year of a Foundation degree?

    There doesn't seem to be any courses that prepare people for a masters degree in a subject they didn't do at undergraduate level.

    It looks like I could get the funding to do an MSc. part time and this may only cost me 6.5k for two years part time study. That's a lot more attractive than four years full time at undergraduate level (again and potentially 8 years part time) for £36k....

    I've even thought about leaving the country but that would involve a lot of upheaval.

    Have you contacted any unis to find out how they'd view your application and what they'd suggest to make it stronger?

    Hello, my BSc was Computer Sci and I've worked in IT Management Consulting in several roles, code, test, design, project management etc. My degree covered maths, logic, some methodologies but did not help my career that much.

    My suggestion, what IT job do you eventually want? PMO, developer, tester etc? Start from the role you want and work out what qualifications you need. A degree may not be required. The BCS courses are super relevant even Big 4 Consultancies send analysts to do them http://www.bcs.org/category/5677.

    Good Luck.
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