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Triple science isa paper year 10

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    Im currently in year 10 and I do all three sciences seperately. In year 9, we done mock ISA's but I didn't do so great on them. Next week, we are starting our chemistry mock ISA which is based on electrolysis (we've been told), then a few weeks after we are doing the real thing. I have no idea of what I'm doing and I would really appreciate some help with literally everything to do with ISA's. I think we are doing AQA if that's any help. Any idea how to get full marks on them? How many papers are there? How will the whole ISA work be structured, like what comes first?

    Any help is great, thank you!!!!!

    Hi Jasminexw

    You'll do the first paper which is mainly writing up about the sources you've used and the experiment you're going to do. Make sure you include a clear method with an equipment list and risk assessment. When writing about your sources, I'd recommend choosing one good quality source and one low quality source so you can easily explain why the good one was so great!

    The second part is an experiment done in class. This experiment won't necessarily be the same as the one you planned in the first paper but it will probably be very similar. You'll have to draw up a graph of your results. Make sure you label your axes and you choose the correct graph for your results, if it's a line graph draw a line of best fit, not connecting all the points.

    The third paper is much more difficult, you'll have to analyse your results from the in-class experiment, compare it to the hypothesis, compare it to the context as well as looking at a secondary data booklet. You'll have to compare the data in here in a range of different questions!

    Hope that helped
    Just ask if you want to know anything else, you should be pretty clued up after your next practice isa anyway!
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Updated: June 13, 2016
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