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Are my grades good enough for ivy league

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    Hey i want to study at a ivy league school do you think i could get in. I want to study medicine. For A level i plan on getting 4 or 5 A* ( The school i will be going can study up to 5 Alevels )

    Schools not in order

    2. Yale

    My GCSE grades

    Biology A
    Health Care A*
    Dutch B +
    English A*
    Mathematics C-
    Social Studies A
    Spanish A
    Art A
    Physcial Education A*

    Not sure why you're putting + and - on your GCSE grades; they aren't comparable to the US education system, and A levels are barely comparable either.

    As for A levels, I think you need to be working on the GCSE Maths first rather than saying you're going to take 4 or 5 A levels, since a better Maths GCSE grade would look far better than one extra A Level. It's also laughable saying that you think you will be getting all A*, when I doubt you know how to obtain an A* at A level, nor the amount of work it takes just to get a straight set of 3 A's.

    But to answer your question, look on the school's individual websites, as these will tell you the average entry requirements, also bare in mind that it's likely you would have to fund the experience yourself, with no English or American Student Finance being available to you (Possible Scholarship however it's not very likely). Also bare in mind you would be required to take either SAT or ACT tests to apply to these schools, along with any specific US Medicine entry exams.

    No lmao

    Tbh I don't think GCSEs are that relevant, take the SAT. Judging by those GCSEs you will have to work extremely hard to get 4/5 A*s at A2

    (Original post by GunningSinceDay1)
    Hey i want to study at a ivy league school do you think i could get in. I want to study medicine. For A level i plan on getting 4 or 5 A* ( The school i will be going can study up to 5 Alevels )
    Medicine in North America is a postgraduate degree, not an undergraduate degree.

    If you want to go to an Ivy for undergrad then medical school you'll have to do the following:
    1550-1600 on SAT
    All A on A-level
    Have very good extra-curricular activities in a leadership position
    Get into uni
    Continue to be a leader in clubs + volunteer work
    Score in the top 10% throughout your undergraduate degree
    Ace the MCAT
    Apply and get into med school

    That's 8 years right there, and you will be looking at a lot of money - at least 120k USD not including living expenses and travel costs and assuming no scholarship/bursaries

    If you want to get into ivy leagure you should do sat 1(compulsory) and sat 2 to up your game as well as do great in your alevels. Sat papers are more like iq tests than knowledge tests so yoj shouldnt think that preparing for alevels prepares you for sat tests.
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