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I'm partially against LGBT does that make me a bad person? If so help me change

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    To me, the way you said you said 'if so then help me change' proves that you're not being malicious or ignorant. These are your personal views and you're willing to change them.
    I have friends who are gay and one of my closest friends is transgender. I honestly genuinely believe that it is completely okay. To me anything that does not affect people in a negative way (like killing them/hurting them) is fine. We are a world that is far too interesting in what everyone else is doing. So George from Starbucks is sexually attracted to men. Can he still serve you a coffee? Yes. If Emma from the clothes store tells you her birth name was Dave but she was born in the wrong body and is now transitioning to her true self, will she still be able to get you another size in them shoes? Yes.
    Literally could put so many examples, it doesn't matter someone's sexual preference/gender/race/hair/ bloody shoe size , what ever the hell people are against, if they are nice people then what's the issue here? You have your beliefs, your opinions, the same way they have theirs. Now are you going to disapprove of George being gay, or drink your Cappuccino, and get on with your day?

    -Just my opinions, if you want like hard fact on psychological stuff then I'm not the girl to ask haha-

    Yes, your opinions are wrong, but as long as you don't start killing or harming LGBT+ people because of them, you should be alright.

    (Original post by Anonymous)
    I Disagree with Transgender as its not the way nature intended, as If you are unhappy it can never be because of gender, There is another unhappiness inside of you that you don't understand possible past experience or envy.
    Conclusion: I 100% disagree

    I partially disagree with Homosexuals as I believe it could be either a genetic or psychological issue with yourself and was not the way nature interned it to be, but at the same time I think its a great way to reduce the population a little bit and allows more children to become adopted.
    Conclusion: I 50% disagree and 50% agree

    I partially disagree with Bi-sexuals as I believe its not the way nature intended it to be and also If in the end you mate with the opposite sex its okay.
    Conclusion: I 25% disagree and 75% agree

    The extent to which I disagree with LGBT is just that I think its wrong but I wont act upon it.

    I'm Completely open to other ideas of how I should view LGBT as I think it would help me grow as a person.

    I decided to leave be anonymous so people don't send hate my way.

    One of the reasons you say that you disagree with being LGBT as it is not the way nature intended but a person is born that way isn't that how it is meant to be? I am bisexual and it feels 100% natural for me to be this way. I can't imagine not being it.

    I really want you to change your opinion on how you view LGBT+ people, but I can't. Just remember you don't have to accept it, just please be tolerant and respectful of people who are LGBT+. For us this is how we are and identify, and there is no choice about it. And I don't think this necessarily makes you a bad person, just narrow-minded.

    Also, if you wish to learn more about LGBT+ to help you view things differently, there are hundreds of videos and channels on YouTube.

    I'd love to know why you feel it has any impact on your life how someone else lives their life?
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