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Can I still make friends?

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    I started uni as a mature student (22) - in my first year I lived in halls and loved the social aspect but hated my course, so going in to second year I changed my course (starting in first year again) and unfortunately during this year my brother passed away - I began to hate the social side as I became depressed and I also hated my new course to begin with. During this year I was living in a house with 5 friends but, as I was going through such a testing time, their true colours came through and I realised they weren't good friends. In second year I decided to live with family - I was very comfortable there, saved up a lot of money, but my social life became non existent. On the plus, I began to love and thrive on my course and am now aiming for a first which would've been unattainable had I have stayed at the previous house.

    I'm 25 now and going in to final year. I haven't sorted where I am living yet and I don't really have any friends in my uni city - I have acquaintances on my course but they're not really my type of people as we don't share the same interests etc., but they are all lovely. I want to know if it's still possible for me to make lasting friendships... as it will be final year I know I'll be very focused on my dissertation and my course in general so I'm not sure if I've completely blown my chances.

    My time at uni has left me feeling very disheartened and I'm just not sure if I have enough time now to turn it around. I am willing to join at least one society but, whilst I used to be in to drinking a lot during first year, I'm not much of a party-goer anymore. I feel I have matured about 10 years since my brother's death.

    Any tips/ advice?

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Updated: June 13, 2016
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