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Running 5k every day?

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    I love my food, and I only ever really lose weight by running regularly and cutting out certain junk foods from Monday-Friday.. I still eat carbs in moderation. I always find it hard to stick to strict healthy eating plans/ to count calories as I get bored of it straight away and it doesn't motivate me.

    I would say I eat up to 1500 cals a day but possibly below that amount. I have weetabix with banana for breakfast, a sandwich/ salad for lunch, and for dinner usually spaghetti meatballs/ fresh chicken burger & salad/ stir fry/ jacket potato/ pizza. I drink at least 1.5 litres of water a day. On the weekend I allow myself extra treats and I have a big breakfast one of the days. I rarely drink alcohol, probably once a month.

    If I continue with this food intake and run 5k every day, would I lose a considerable amount of weight? I currently weigh 140 pounds and am 5 ft 3. Or would it be better to run 10k three times a week? Does anyone run every day, and is it advisable? At the moment I run 5k three times a week - I have noticed greater muscle definition in my legs but aside from that not much of an overall difference.

    Equally if anyone has any tips on any small adjustments I can make to my diet to improve that would be great


    don't run 5k everyday, it will tire your legs out and you won't be able to run. If you can run 10k then do that instead, with a day break in between to let your legs rest.

    As for motivation and diet, the way I think of it is like this, If I eat a chocolate right now, that means I will have to run an extra 2 kilometers to burn off the calories I ate. So the more I eat, the more I have to exercise. What do I hate more exercising or eating. Normally its exercising, which I why i don't eat that many carbs.

    Havent we done this before?
    Weight loss is about calorie deficits.
    Create one and you lose.
    If you dont know how much you are eating or burning then it will be hard to know if you are consistently on track. That's why people measure their food.

    You will get better results if you do a mix of cardio and weights.

    Your daily calories for maint are c 1750 calories.
    To lose 1lb a week over time you need to create a deficit by a comnination of reducing what you eat or increasing what you burn by 500 calories a day.

    If you learn the basics it all makes sense.

    How often are you running now? If you're new to running, (or indeed not running) you risk injury.
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Updated: June 13, 2016
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