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How big is the step up from Chemistry AS to A2?

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    I recently sat my AS Chemistry exams (AQA new spec.) and I feel as if I did pretty well, hopefully getting an A. I didn't really find AS as a whole that challenging, barring the pure memorisation topics such as the entire group 7 - halogens topic. Also, I'm quite bad at titrations.

    I am definitely going to continue Maths and Physics, but my third choice lies between Chemistry and Computer Science. Computer Science, from what I've heard, doesn't really seem to get much harder. So my question is, does Chemistry get considerably harder at A2 compared to AS?

    Thanks in advance.

    Hi, I do OCR B chemistry and I'd definitely say there is a massive step up from AS to A2, not so much with unit 4 but the final unit is very very hard on my board. It isn't necessarily the content that is harder its the way they ask the questions, and in the questions skipping from topic to topic. The maths definitely gets more difficult and I got an A in AS maths last year but yeah I think its definitely worth it, because chemistry is soooo interesting haha but thats my opinion
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    (Original post by pukkapad)
    Thanks for the response! Definitely leaning more towards Chemistry.

    I do old spec Chem AQA, I don't think you do transition metals in AS in your spec but that's hard, and although it's not difficult personally, there's a lot of mechanisms you need to be aware of, and it's easy to get confused between them. Although a lot more maths that's easy to get confused on like buffers and acid base in genera. Not that much harder in terms of content, just much more to learn and understand.

    Unit 4 is quite easy, but Unit 5 is a nightmare.

    Therefore - not that big a jump with Unit 4, but a massive jump with Unit 5. There isn't that much content to learn though compared to subjects like biology (A LOT TO LEARN). It's quite interesting too and fair bit of common sense with calculations.
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Updated: June 13, 2016
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