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Insurance has been cancelled!!!

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    I need some advice on where I stand, I recently bought a new car and took out insurance with a new company as they where cheaper. it all went through okay and they were waiting on my NCB proof from previous insurer. I called my previous insurer and said I needed this for my new insurance they said they would send it through but I kept waiting...... I then called my new insurer and told them I was still waiting and as soon as I had it I would send across. The next month my DD didn't come out of my account and I waited a few days extra then I called them and they told me they have cancelled my insurance due to them not having the NCB bonus!!! so this means I have been driving for 6 weeks with no insurance!!!

    Are they right to cancel this??

    Now they are saying I have to pay the remaining 11 months of insurance because they cancelled it!!

    Please help as I am now stuck!!

    Thanks in advance

    I'm not an expert but when my dad had his insurance cancelled he received a letter and phone call saying the insurance will be cancelled and he didn't had to pay the remaining 11 months and also he got hes deposit back. But this was due to one of the advisers from the company saying it was okay to have european driving licence but then they called and said it was their mistake and that they will cancel the insurance.

    It was valid until it was cancelled... You'll now have to declare that you've had instance cancelled as this will likely be asked when you're getting quotes. Insurance companies share information between themselves so make sure you make it clear.

    If I were you I'd call back the previous company with your proof of no claims, and explain the problem. If they've got logs of you letting them know that you were still waiting for the info they might be lenient... Call and see.

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    I would take legal action. You should not be left out of pocket for the mistakes or negligence of someone else (in this case your previous insurance). You have got insurance cancelled on the basis the previous insurance were negligent in sending you the required documents for your next insurance. Like the other guy said you may have to declare that you have had insurance cancelled when you get new cover, and this will likely increase your premiums. I have no idea how you would fight for compensation for this in court so I would suggest going to citizens advice for advice.
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Updated: June 16, 2016
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