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The German AntiFa movement and the confirmation of the horseshoe theory

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    What do you guys think about German left-wing extremists and militants like AntiFa?

    Important: Some AntiFa elements are supposedly being observed by the Constitutional Protection Agency.

    Do you think there is a double standard in the sense that Left-Wing extremism is considered acceptable, but Right-Wing extremism is not? (obviously both are unacceptable to the sane minded!

    Over the year's I have seen anecdotal and socio-political evidence that the horseshoe theory is indeed somewhat correct, meaning that the political spectrum is more akin to a circle of ideologies, rather than being linear. (Stalinism and Communism are closely related to Fascism and the other way around).

    Personally I dislike left liberals

    Is this the "Rape the police" one?
    I saw part of it today, quite jaw dropping.
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    (Original post by M14B)
    Personally I dislike left liberals
    I dont dislike liberals per se, I dislike the regressives that hijacked liberalism.

    Im a complete and utter centrist according to some political test. (0.05 points deviation from 0,0,0 Coordinate center).

    Ive got many liberal views and many conservative views, which probably makes me a white devil and a bad person in many regressives' views.
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Updated: June 13, 2016
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