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Both my step-parents hate me!

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    I'm not going to say I was the best teenager, because I was far from it. But as a woman in her 20's I was really hoping to find some redemption with my step-parents and family.
    I've worked since 17 and pretty much held my own, I moved to University at 18 and didn't move home when I finished, until earlier this year when I lost my job, and my house-share and had to move home.

    Firstly I moved in with with my dad and my step mum, which didn't work for long. She wasn't comfortable with me having friends over or my boyfriend stay, which I dealt with - I went to visit them instead. But then she wouldn't let me put my clothes in any cupboards or drawers in my room. I was paying board to her whilst there (not my dad, she would have to be given the money), I had 3 bags for life filled with clothes sitting on my bedroom floor. The rest of my belongings stayed in storage for 3 months until my mum eventually took me in.

    Once at my mums, I was taken in with a time limit by my step-dad. Save up with wages from my new job and get out. I was happy with this, I'd lived away for 5 years - I didn't want to stick around long anyway. Except, my bank sent me a letter a month ago requesting my overdraft to be paid off. I explained to my mum I wanted to delay moving out by a few months just to save up enough to pay a deposit for a place and also get the University debt under control. Not fully paid off, but enough for more me to handle whilst living independently. She agreed, but my stepdad didn't. He shortened my time limit on staying to next month and told me to find somewhere or I'd be on the street. And now I'm at wits end. My mum won't stand up to him (never has, and never will) and I'm close to having to leave my current job to find something better paid to handle the debt.

    My job doesn't pay great, so I can't just simply take a lot of money out of each months wage, but it's giving me the experience I need to progress in my career (educational sector) so I really don't want to leave it behind for a better paying job in something I don't want to do.

    I'm really stuck on what to do. If i move out next month, I will have enough money to support myself - but not enough to pay the debt - which will eventually lead me to having to return home anyway as the deadline for it being paid is growing forever closer.

    My step-mum also put the tariff up on the room without cupboards or storage to 300 pound a month, which is only 50 pound less than the cost of me going into a house share, so i'm no better off really than I am just moving out and struggling with the debt.

    Can somebody help me...how do I get out of this mess?

    Your situation is really unfortunate, i don't know how i would cope if i were you. Obviously you want to keep your independence, if you hadn't of lost your job there wouldn't of been a need to go back home

    Would talking to your stepdad not be an option?

    Is there anyone else that you would be able to stay with for a little while so that you could save some money to pay off the debt?

    Have you applied for your student account yet?

    Maybe talk to your bank and explain that you'll be a student soon they might be able to switch your account however I am not 100% sure.

    Wishing you all the best
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Updated: June 14, 2016
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