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Broke up with GF on good terms - Do I still talk to her?

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    So my relationship with my GF had deteriorated to the point that we don't talk to each other much. She enjoys spending a lot more time hanging out with her friends.

    We discussed where our relationship was heading and broke things off today. When asked what she hoped for the future, she suggested that we would still stay as friends who considering that we've been together for 6 years. It seemed unrealistic to believe that we'll be close friends in the future but maybe we'll still be friends in the sense that we'll still talk every now and then every so months.

    I've never broken up before. We didn't break up on negative terms and I like the idea that we should just go back to being friends.

    But for the time being... Do I just continue talking to her pretending nothing has really changed? Should I stop hanging out with our mutual friends for a bit? Please someone give me some advice and how your relationship turned out in the end.

    Its different for most people, but imo the fastest way to get over it is to cut them out from social media and all contact immediately. Tell her its nothing personal , but youve decided to move on, but she has your e-mail for an emergency. Just move on without pretending you are in a pseudo relationship. See how you feel about it in a years time. Not sure whether you need to give up mutual friends, thats your choice. When you have moved on then you can review and see if you wnat to be friends.
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