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Living far away from home?

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    Hello, I have recently been offered a conditional offer at Falmouth university. I am hesitant to accept the offer because I live far from the uni (West London) and it cost a lot to travel from my house to the university. I know there is a discount for the railcard but are there any other discounts?
    Also, has anyone had any experience of living far away from home and is it a nuisance?
    Thank you!

    I know how u feel, I live east London, to get to Falmouth I plan to get the national express, I used the coach to get to my Southampton interview and it was cheaper than other options I looked at. I dont have much money for travel so I have started looking at travel to get home at Christmas time already. it works out around £50 to get from Basildon to Falmouth. but u have to get the national express to Newquay and then get a bus into Falmouth. its a long journey, I think it takes around 13 hours or something but its the cheapest I have seen so far. oh and I have never done any of these journeys yet because I also have a conditional offer for this year and so far my mum has drove me for interviews etc. despite the travel tho I wouldn't give up your university place, if you feel Falmouth is the place you want to be im sure you will be able to find a way to make the travel work.
    Hope this helps!

    There are regular flights between Newquay and London via either Stansted or Gatwick. A return trip is about £100, excluding transport to the airport and to your home.

    A slower, but cheaper option is to use one of the regular high-speed trains on the Penzance-Paddington railway line. An advance single ticket (from Truro to London Paddington) with a young persons railcard can be as little as £15-£20 each way, when booked sufficiently in advanced.

    Also note that, as a Falmouth University student, you can purchase a heavily discounted Mussel card, which works similarly to the Oyster card. You pay £465 (in installments, to coincide with student loan payments) and get unlimited travel across Cornwall including the buses, ferries, and the Maritime railway line (Truro <-> Falmouth Docks).

    east Londoner here, i booked a last minute ticket for my interview and got a railcard which made it about £30 one way. but if thats still too much on the steep-side there is also a coach card you can get so you'll have 1/3 off national express tickets making it go down to about £10 one way.
    glad to see im not the only one from London what have you applied for ?
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Updated: June 18, 2016
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