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Maths, Chemistry, Physics at Strathclyde

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    I have gratefully got an offer by Strathclyde and would like to study maths, chemistry and physics.

    I used to study at Exeter a couple of years ago, which turned out a tough place. In maths, examiners clearly stated they would not want too many students to get an A. If more than - let's say - 10% scored well enough for an A in a final exam, they would push up the requirements for As, Bs, Cs, etc. so that less examinees would qualify for a top grade and the average grade would worsen. I had done a foundation programme at Queen Mary before, where such a behaviour by lecturers would NOT have been permitted by the supervising authorities. However, everyone seemed a bit too self-absorbed and posh at Exeter. :-)

    What is the situation like in Strathclyde in the physical sciences (chem, maths, phys), please?

    Are exams manageable? Or will examiners punish students if too many of them perform too well – as they used to do at Exeter?

    Are there well-staffed help centres? Are lecturers accessible during their office hours? Again, I remember the inorganic chemistry lecturer at Exeter who did not arrange any office hour. Instead, he offered us to talk to him 5 min before and after the two lectures per week, when loads of students surrounded him each time as no one really grasped what he had been talking about. Moreover, he used no textbook (only a German one dated back into the 1960s, which had become out of print in the meantime). This, of course, made background reading to better understand the syllabus very difficult.

    Sorry for referring back to Exeter all the time, but my experience there has disappointed me so much that I would really appreciate should you like to share your experience regarding maths, chemistry and physics at Strathclyde with me, please.

    A big bunch of thanks, mates! :-)

    Hi there,

    I've just finished my first year of chem at Strathclyde. There is no pushiness that I myself have experienced. All chem class tests were multiple choice with 3 per semester. You could get exempt from the January exam with good grades. The may exam was half multiple choice and half written. Pass mark was 35% and final mark made from a combination of class tests, exam and homework.

    I never felt the need to contact lecturers however all were friendly and gave lots of added materials.

    I can't tell you much about physics and chemistry - I did mm116 and foundation physics as electives. The maths was multiple choice class tests over two semesters and physics was four written class tests. All had exemptions from final exam with good grades.

    Hope that helps!
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Updated: July 21, 2016
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