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Anxiety- But I'm Not Anxious?

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    I would consider myself a level headed and emotionally stable person, and I deal with issues and stress well.
    But recently I've been feeling very sick, I went to the doctor and explained some of my symptoms and she did an exam and concluded it was anxiety. The exam wasn't particularly thorough but I don't doubt it was an accurate diagnosis, she's a good doctor and I've had her previously, I'm just slightly baffled because I'm honestly not anxious.
    Of course I get stressed about things sometimes, I worry when I need to but I'm good at getting to the source of it of I ever do and I think I deal with it very well. I have a good support system and I'm generally calm and happy. So I don't understand why I would be anxious? Or displaying symptoms of it.
    I understand that sometimes you can have anxiety without feeling anxious and it appears in the form of physical symptoms, but I don't understand what would be causing the anxiety?

    Any info on why this might be would be much appreciated!
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    What physical symptoms did you have, can I ask? I've recently been diagnosed with general and social anxiety. I've had the social anxiety for several years, but the general side was never much of a problem until around my GCSE exams. From there, it just worsened. In the couple of months after I started my A-Levels, I was ill a fair bit - I caught cellulitis twice and had a recurrent case of conjunctivitis. I still get headaches that border on 'migraine' and I have chronic insomnia.

    I understand totally where you're coming from. Despite having anxiety, I'm not an anxious person, as in I'm not afraid to leave my house. However, I do fret about some things; when make some decisions, I feel like there are a million different outcomes I need to consider, and once I've thought about those, another thousand pop up.

    Sometimes, there just isn't a reason for the anxiety to appear; it just does. I know that my anxiety has worsened because of my exams, but there are some things that I don't need to be anxious about.

    I hope this helps x

    (Also, what are you studying at the moment? GCSEs, A-Levels, degree?)
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Updated: June 20, 2016
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