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Compulsory consent classes for guys at York uni from next year.

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    (Original post by Josb)
    Don't you think that these classes would be more appropriate in high school?

    It's a bit dumb to wait for them to turn 18yo to explain these things whereas the sexual majority is at 16...
    I 100% agree that these classes should be taught from as early as primary school. Obviously without the sex bits.

    However the government has already refused to do this, therefore the universities have ultimately taken it upon themselves. It's better than nothing.

    There's no mention of gender in the article but it's still kind of dumb. If anybody thinks none-consensual sex is in any way acceptable then how they got into uni is absolutely beyond me....

    (Original post by Elivercury)
    Probably because the filling out a questionnaire and being assessed on it would require about as much time on the part of the student but significantly more time on the part of the university.
    Well I'd say filling out a questionnaire to gauge a students understanding of consent would take less than 20 minutes. As far as I'm concerned the amount of time it takes the uni is irrelevant, they're there to best serve the interest of their students.

    (Original post by Elivercury)
    There is also a sound argument for having those that do understand it there to guide and explain things to those that clearly don't get it.
    If the students who do understand it need to explain to others then clearly these stupid talks aren't being delivered very well. It's also unfair to say let's waste the time of the majority of students who understand consent so they can explain consent to the others because we can't teach them properly.

    (Original post by Elivercury)
    We can only speculate on the video content. To be honest, I'd be up for them just showing the BBC documentary to everyone, I personally thought it was very well made and enlightening. As you say, it didn't include any ridiculous notions about alcohol or whatever and it also presented the side of the unjustly accused, which you likely won't see often in a documentary on rape. It was of course a fair whack longer than 20 minutes.
    I'd agree it was well made, the only enlightenment I got from it was on the idiocy of some people, in my view it simply taught 'kids' things they should have known.

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Updated: June 15, 2016
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