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How can I get my ex back? please just encouraging advice.

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    So my ex and I broke up a month ago and he messaged me yesterday asking if we could talk and we talked on the phone yesterday. He called me twice yesterday the first time for 30 mins and the second time 30-45 mins I don't remember. But we talked like nothing kind of happened like we were catching up and laughing and actually having a really nice convo. Well I brought up us and he said he wants to be friend for rn. He said hes been just really busy with school stuff and looking for a job he just thinking hes emotionally unavailable right now. And he said he doesn't want to get my hopes up and hurt me again because this is why we broke up in the first place is because he was so busy and he barley had anytime for me so he ended it because he saw how much it hurt me. I just want to show him that ive changed and now I understand that hes just busy and I can handle it now. Because I care about him a lot and I asked if he still cared about me and he said yes, so I just want to try one more time because were good for each other, we help each other a lot and we never argue we are always respectful to each other. So please someone answer and help me it would mean a lot. Thank you.

    You can't get an ex back. You cannot do anything to get an ex back, the decision has to be made by them and them alone. Any attempt to get them back generally only serves to push them further away.

    Do not be his friend.
    Go no contact.
    Try to move on.

    If it's meant to be, then it's meant to be. Going no contact will give him the time to reflect and miss you. That is your ONLY course of action.

    What about waiting a month with no contact, and then when he's less buys try to rebuild your relationship? Maybe casually ask him out!

    Or if you like him so much then you will be his friend without forcing the issue, but also without cutting yourself off from your other friends or social life so that you will be able to figure out what you want and move on as well.

    If it happens that you get back together then great, if not then you'll be in a better place to meet someone else in time

    Just wait until he's less busy. Stay his friend for now until he has time for a relationship.

    When someone tells you they need to focus on their work, they usually mean it. Don't try to change their mind because that's frankly just selfish. Be patient, or just move on if you can't be patient.

    Seriously, humans in first-world countries(like the UK) on average live to 80 these days. Why do people have to be so impatient all the time? o.O
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Updated: June 13, 2016
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