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Please help! how can I get my ex back?

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    So my ex and I broke up a month ago and he messaged me yesterday asking if we could talk and we talked on the phone yesterday. He called me twice yesterday the first time for 30 mins and the second time 30-45 mins I don't remember. But we talked like nothing kind of happened like we were catching up and laughing and actually having a really nice convo. Well I brought up us and he said he wants to be friend for rn. He said hes been just really busy with school stuff and looking for a job he just thinking hes emotionally unavailable right now. And he said he doesn't want to get my hopes up and hurt me again because this is why we broke up in the first place is because he was so busy and he barley had anytime for me so he ended it because he saw how much it hurt me. I just want to show him that ive changed and now I understand that hes just busy and I can handle it now. Because I care about him a lot and I asked if he still cared about me and he said yes, so I just want to try one more time because were good for each other, we help each other a lot and we never argue we are always respectful to each other. So please someone answer and help me it would mean a lot. Please just encouraging advice. Thank you.

    You don’t want to hear it, but you broke up for a reason. After most break ups at least someone goes through a stage of ‘well if I was morelike this then it would of lasted’, when the truth is things just died out. He told you he’s busy and emotionally unavailable at the moment so either isn’t looking for a relationship or has moved on and wants to let you down gently.

    You have to think, do you really want someone that doesn’t have time for you and even said can’t input emotionally at moment? I know it’s painful and this isn’t the message you wanted, but you’ll be much better whenyou find someone that can put much more of their time and love into the relationship. All break-ups are hard, but when you meet the right person, you’ll feel like they’re all worth it.

    (Speaking from experience and currently with someone that makes me happy like no other)

    Can only echo what was said before. It's entirely possible the "i'm just too busy" excuse is just that, an excuse that covers up more negative reasons. It's a "safe" break up option.

    But ultimately why he broke up is neither here nor there, why do you want to get back with someone who has no time for you? I suggest you wish him the best of luck, keep friends if you're able to emotionally, cut him loose if you aren't. You can then go about moving on and finding someone new who has time for you and makes you happy.

    End contact with him. Having long talks about what you used to have is bound to stir up feelings. What about all the heart break, disappointment etc that was caused before? If he wasnt right for you then, he isn't right for you now.
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Updated: June 14, 2016
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