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Failing alevel biology

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    Guys, i know everyone is going to say the solution is to revise, but thats all i do and i keep revising but whenever we have end of topic tests im failing and my predicted grade is going to end up as an U. I have mocks in a couple of weeks and i could really use some help and tips, Please save me

    Exam Papers. If i were you i would first do the exam paper/questions by yourself. Then with a different colour use the text book to answer the questions. Then use another colour to correct your answers, if it needs correcting. By doing this your seeing what your writing wrong. Also REMEMBER! write out high marked questions and ask someone to ask you them and say them from memory or make your own exam paper with all the subjects your struggling with.
    hope this helps!

    U have mocks in a couple of weeks for ALevel biology?Im sure the exams are now and in 2017?lol

    What is your method of revising? Are you a visual learner? If you aren't sure, try experimenting with different methods

    • flash cards
    • highlighting key terms
    • writing out the process step by step eg: mass flow theory, transcription and translation
    • watching Youtube videos (alevelbiology, mr pollock)
    • diagrams eg: formation and return of tissue fluid
    • listening to podcasts/hearing yourself speak

    Biology is 80% about past papers and being able to regurgitate the terminology they look for in mark schemes. So highlighting key terms is always a good way to remember. If you get a question wrong, look at the mark scheme and if you still don't understand then you definitely should speak to your teacher or ask on tsr! Oh, and also rewrite the question out again and attempt it a week later or something
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