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Caring for my father and want to train as a nurse

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    I am currently 35 caring for my father who has advanced prostrate cancer. I have realised this feels like my calling and am considering training as a nurse this not a sector i have worked in before. Although i feel my qualities ( caring, kind, compassionate and i like helping others) is a carer in very passionate about the trouble is all the courses are full time i have been to a university openday i like what i see and feel so inspired by the talk they gave. i feel like im stuck.

    I am sure i cant be the only one in this position. Are there any short courses or part time that would count towards skills , experiance that the uni might accept that i could do while caring.


    my reason for wanting to be a nurse is similar to yours

    The only university that i can think of is the Open university, you would be able to study part time.
    This is the website http://www.open.ac.uk/courses/find/n...hcare-practice have a look some of the courses will take 4 years to compete part time.

    Hope this helps

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    Nbailey thanks for reply, i have since been talking on Facebook with a nhs carreers advisor they also mentioned starting as a nhs healthcare assistant and doing a day realease type of access course then getting the trust to put you for training as a nurse. As you earn money as well as getting experience and training think i might look at this more and see if i can work part time along caring as i am sure lots of people end up in this position like yourself.

    That sounds really good, I hope you are able to become a nurse that way it seems much better really, wish I had known about that option.

    All the best on your journey,

    Take Care

    Hi there iv been a qualified nurse for three years I did the diploma at university. Looks like you found your route in good luck x

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    As fa as I'm aware, to do the OU nursing course you need to be already working in a caring role such as a healthcare assistant ad have the support of your employer to do the course as they have to provide you with placements.

    The suggestion of working as a HCA and doing access part time is a good one, as has already been said, some NHS trusts second HCAs to undertake their preregistration nursing, which is probably the most financially secure way to do the course tbh.
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Updated: June 19, 2016
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