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Is there any money in freelance web development

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    Ive always had an interest in the creative aspect of IT (currently work in tier 1 support) my mate is into development and is thinking of going into freelance web dev and wants me to come into it with him.. Im interested but Im into making money Im not into wasting time. Surely people can build sites easy these days by using wix and wordpress putting devs out of business

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    Short answer is yes you can. I've built and sold WP sites up to £3K

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    There is definitely money to be made as a freelancer. Don't forget, you can also offer your services to companies who may need a certain set of skills for a client's project they've brought in. However, it is not an easy game as a lot of people are either doing it or wish to do it.

    Some things to consider

    1. The legalities of entry into the market
    2. Are you going to be committed enough to keep your skills relevant?
    3. Are you ready to handle both the client side and technical side of work?

    You might be good at what you do on a technical level but being client focused and knowing how to best serve their needs is another world altogether.
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Updated: June 22, 2016
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