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Is an Audi A5 an irresponsible first car.

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    (Original post by jordanwells9)
    Live in Newcastle, and damn. Wouldn't pay that much for insurance haha - but nice car. | How do you feel having such a powerful car as your first one, would you recommend it if I can get the insurance right?
    It's an absolute beast of a car but like you've said it's really powerful. I am in fact thinking about selling it and buying a smaller one such as 1 series or something similar. It's too powerful for a young driver and has a high risk of an accident because you do get excited and put your foot down more and more then you just realise how fast you're going and panic. So, No. I wouldn't recommend it.

    (Original post by jordanwells9)
    damnnnnnnnnn, that would be nice...
    my friend got a Ferrari 360 spider as her first car
    but her dad is an international diamond dealer so he can afford it
    he's shown me some crazy stones before the best was a 5ct FV blue princess which he was due to take to a client in dubai, it was priced at $1.8million on the papers

    Everyone talking about their incredibbly high first insurance prices.

    Me in rural East Sussex with my '15 plate Ford KA and only £750 for first year. :confused::confused::confused::confused::confused:

    £7500 is a bit much for a first car isn't it?
    Plus the parts are gonna be expensive for it too!

    I love the Audi A5 but I don't think it's a good first car. You should go for something a bit smaller like the A1 or A3 maybe?
    But how the hell have you got those quotes for it! That's incredible!

    What year A4 is it you want?

    (Original post by jordanwells9)

    I've had it down to ~£1650 before - still pretty good though.
    That quote requires telematics.

    Running costs (including servicing and tyres (tyres are expensive)).

    Large car = trickier to park.

    Large doors = tricky to get out off after you have parked in a car park / garage.

    mypolicy always give quotes about £900 vs £1600 with a normal - to get them to put out £1820 means you've nil chance of getting a good deal elsewhere. they will use the black box data to put up your cost even more.

    in short no an a5 is not a good first car because you'll be either driving it like a pensioner because of the black box, or you'll wrap it round a tree because of an itchy foot.
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Updated: June 30, 2016
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