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Are you happy with your body?

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    I'm pretty happy with the way i look overall apart from I have a pidgeon chest that sticks out like the Empire State Building XD. Anyone with a similar issue to me know how to get rid of a pidgeon chest- I'm aware it's a bone so i know i can't just rub some magic cream on my chest and make it go away but is there any physio stuff that can reduce it's protrusiveness ( i'm aware that's not a word but what the heck)

    (Original post by Peroxidation)
    I genuinely don't care how I look. The body is just a biological machine for reproduction and survival, the only part of us that has any value is our minds and even most of them are expendable. Instead of worrying over our appearance we should be taking more time to cultivate our minds. Happiness is a state of mind which we can only achieve by being mindful of what actually matters in life.
    Are you happy with your mind?

    (Original post by sfaraj)
    no im overweight although i have joined the gym and thanks to ramdan im fasting will go to the gym as soon as my exams are over

    and noway am i secure with my face, i have horrible acne which isn't going away no matter what remedies or medication i take
    Hi there

    There are a few key things that you need to do:
    1. Improving your diet - ditch foods high in salt and sugar and also processed foods / increase water intake / take fruit and veg ( contains antioxidants which are beneficial for skin ),
    2. Improving your skincare regime - use good quality products i.e. a non foaming cleanser, a toner (that has AHAs) and a moisturiser (that contains vitamin A which helps to repair skin )
    3. Taking additional supplements to control your spots - take omega 3 and 6 (reduces skin inflammation)

    Happy to clarify further...


    mostly yes

    To be honest i am not happy with my body my belly is slightly to big, my chest is too small, my legs are chubby, and my body is completely covered in weird spots that aren't spots as i have had them my whole life so it is kinda difficult to be happy with my body
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Updated: June 18, 2016
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