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Ban University Challenge For Equality.

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    The mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has moved to ban from the city’s transport network adverts that promote unrealistic expectations about body image and health.

    Khan, elected in May, has told Transport for London to stop running body-shaming ads amid concerns that the advertising “can demean people, particularly women”.
    I for one think this does not go anywhere near far enough for equality. We must also tackle what I call, "intelligence shaming". I propose we ban television shows such as University Challenge, Eggheads, scientific documentaries and any other shows that promote expectations of intelligence that are unrealistic and unobtainable for most people. These shows are extremely demeaning and instil a sense of inferiority in people of lesser intelligence (or the "minimally exceptional", as is the prefered, politically correct term).

    It is the current year, people! Nobody should ever feel compelled to better themselves, that kind of backwards thinking belongs in the Renaissance and Enlightenment ages. We are more civilised than that now and everyone should have the right to be a fat, lazy, unintelligent, slob, without being made to feel ashamed by inconsiderate shitlords who do still aspire to higher things in life.

    So come on, who's with me on this?


    While your at it we could ban Jeremy Kyle on the basis of white trash shaming. Why are there never any blacks or Asians on his show? He is obviously racist and we need to have a multicultural quota forced on him.

    I think we should also ban shaming shaming :mmm:

    The common perception in our society that being smart is a good thing just shows how far we are from true equality, we have internalised the propaganda from the smartyarchy. We have to promote the idea that being stupid is just as good, if not even better.
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Updated: June 19, 2016
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