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Further Maths A* Query+Module Allocation

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    After FP3 didn't go as well as planned I was looking into how the A* can actually be achieved and from what i know, the usual explanation is just "Best 3 A2 units 90% average", which i assumed needed to include FP3.

    However, after reading around I looked at the spec and it actually says that any of the FP units can be used as AS units, so if i had 4 A2 level units in FM and FP3 was the worst scoring, I was wondering if that meant i could be getting an A* based on the other 3 A2 units, namely S/M/D2 in this case. Technically this would make FP3 one of my 3 AS units which seems fine from what I have found but does seem odd so i'm unsure.

    There shouldn't be any problems around changing units between AS/A2 since we haven't cashed anything in officially after doing full A2 maths last year.

    If this is the case, it also raises the question of how the exam board (AQA) allocates units between Maths/Further Maths based on score. I know that they supposedly maximise Maths grade over further, but does this extend to ums as well? As i already have a solid A* secured in Maths I don't want to lose my best FM units to an obsolete improvement in ums.

    For example, I am hoping to get close to 100 ums in S1/M1 and having those move over to maths automatically (Since they won't help increase the Further grade anyways), leaving the necessary units for the A* available in Further. But if I underperform on one of these and get 100 on S2/M2, I don't want the A2 module moving away from Further just because it improves my maths ums. This then raises the concern that it may be worthwhile to ensure I drop a few marks on S2+M2 to keep them available for A* calculations in FM. (This is all assuming a best case scenario that i get full ums of course).

    I'm not expecting anyone to know much more than is available to me as it is, but just wondering if anyone else has had similar experience or happens to know how they allocate units in this situation. Also apologies for the large amount of text, just wanted to get all my thoughts out at once.

    They swap them in your most beneficial setup, M2 was horror show for me so I'm retaking S2 which I did last year to get 90% in, it will be swapped with M2 if it means my grade go up.

    IIRC swapping priority is:

    Highest Grade in Maths > Highest Grade in FM > Highest UMS in Maths > Highest UMS in FM.
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    Thanks, that sounds reasonable and hopefully that's how it works in that aspect.

    Just to confirm though, FP3 doesn't need to be one of the A* units if I have better ones?

    (Original post by Jaymat)
    Thanks, that sounds reasonable and hopefully that's how it works in that aspect.

    Just to confirm though, FP3 doesn't need to be one of the A* units if I have better ones?
    No, but you need to make sure you can swap it with another A2 module, like S/M 2,3,4 or D 2
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    Assuming they swap D2 from Maths to Further Maths I will have S2, M2, D2 , FP3 eligible as A2 units in Further, so it would be fine just to swap with one of those I guess?

    Thanks again, this helps take some pressure off getting 100% in the rest of the modules since that was my only other way of getting the A* after FP3
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Updated: June 14, 2016
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