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Parking at Leeds

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    I want to take my car but I'm unsure of the parking around the area. I know parking at the accommodation is for disabled students, but where else is there to park for non disabled students? Is there a campus car park where anyone with a permit can park etc? Or maybe even roads near the accommodation that are easily accessible?

    Good question, as I will be commuting to the university I've thought about this myself. I've noticed many cars parked in the streets around the Liberty building but I'm not sure if you can park round there all day.

    Are you staying in accommodation, or commuting? It is pretty strongly advised that unless 100% necessary, try not to bring a car to uni with you if staying in Leeds. The roads are a nightmare for a start, and there isn't a great deal of parking, and what parking there IS is very expensive. I didn't know a single person this year who had a car, everything is in walking distance, and buses are very good in Leeds. When my parents came to visit they HATED trying to find somewhere to park, because obviously its city centre, and everywhere is at a premium! And every single day I saw the traffic warden checking cars on the backstreets, so 'leaving it and hoping for the best' isn't a good option in Leeds


    That is the nearest, cheapest one. It's about a ten min walk to the main buildings. A bit longer if you are in the engineering block(can be 5 if you run because you're late)

    Or you can park in the park and ride at elland road http://www.wymetro.com/park-and-ride/ which is way cheaper, but hassle of getting an added bus.

    But if you lived in Leeds as a student you wouldn't park at Elland Road that is ridiculous.
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Updated: June 29, 2016
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