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3 GOOD reasons to leave the EU! (GO BRITISH NOT EUROPEAN)

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    1.) We drive on the left.

    We are very different to the vast majority of EU members in this aspect.

    2.) We are on a completely different landmass to Europe.

    I'm sure you can see we are separated by water well visible on this map. Iceland left. So should we. We left the continent now we should say:

    Adieu l'Europe!

    3. Our economy is growing well.

    Why hold ourselves back? We leave. Europe want's the good's so they will still come for them and we can go more global and save more money from EU spending.

    So let's take back control of our very different country and split out of this time bomb that is the EU.

    *Most of what I have said has been supported by factual sources not created by me. These sources can be found online.

    Hi 2016_GCSE,

    On point one it would logically follow that if we are to decide our political alliances based on the side of the road each respective nation drives on, then we should enter a political union with other nations that drive on the left. It seems to me that this would be a poor way to make such decisions because then in order to enter or leave the EU, or any other political union, it would require simply that the government changes the law regarding the side of the road we must drive on.

    We are also have a great deal more in common with the European nations in the EU than those who drive on the left, although this could be debatable.

    On point two, it would be fair to say we are a different landmass, but does that mean Northern Island should leave the UK?

    This is an economic growth forecast that presumes our continued membership of the EU - so yes, why hold ourselves back by leaving?

    Best Regards,

    If our economy is growing so well whilst we are in the EU, why should we leave and put ourselves into a possible recession?

    Is this a serious post?

    The only reason that even has anything to do with our EU membership is #3, and I don't understand why you'd want to risk economic growth...
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Updated: June 18, 2016
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