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F583 20 marker

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    Hello TSR,

    I was wondering if you could give me some advice on OCR Economics F583.

    Can I write three body paragraphs instead of four in the 20 marker if I can't think of a fourth point? And when it says balance does it mean literally 2 on one side 2 on the other or just two sides analysed?


    Hey Goldfly,

    A2 OCR Economics Student here

    My advice would be to remember the Assessment Objectives (AO1,2,3 and 4) and know exactly which one the question will be asking for. Moreover, include diagrams wherever appropriate as they seem like an easy source for marks (they will be mandatory in the 15 marker for EACH point). Use flagpoints, for example "on the one hand", then "on the other hand", and "overall". This makes your essay structure clear to the examiner when you are challenging and bringing up points.

    Lastly, one which I try to stress to my mates so much, is that the JUDGEMENT (AO4, at the end of the essay) is NOT a conclusion. In this you will conclude your essay, sure, but also try to add a suggestion or a reasoning that tackles the question directly. For example, in regards to "discuss the extent to which trade union activity may still be seen to be a significant cause of labour market failure" I wrote:

    "And so, overall, whilst the UK government has greatly reduced the ability of trade unions to manipulate the market and create labour market failure, it is evident that trade unions are still able to create labour market failure in recent years. This could be, as shown, by increasing the costs for firms and subsequently creating unemployment. ***AT THIS POINT I HAVE CONCLUDED THE ESSAY, NOW COMES THE JUDGEMENT**** It must be considered, however, that although elements of labour market failure created by trade unions still exist, in comparison to times such as the 70s and 60s, the success of trade unions in doing so has fallen dramatically, and so the amount of labour market failure has too - but not completely."

    In a similar way when talking about the immobility of labour, you can conclude by saying that mobility can be increased by subsidising training etc. but this is only effective in the long-run. To get the full marks of AO4, I would then say how the UK could just import foreign labour to fill those skill gaps (A solution for the short-run). This would turn the conclusion into a judgement.

    I will include a few link which should help you greatly, this guy raises a few other great tips: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ArFLg4xL71k

    He also goes over how to answer each type of question in his other vids. (linked in the description I believe)

    As a general rule of thumb, I would challenge every point you make. This would include involving 4 paragraphs, I guess you would be forced to write 3 if your couldn't think of a challenge for one of your points, but remember that you can always bulletpoint points as a LAST resort if you run out of time. This will still lower marks for not completing the essay, but you would gain the marks that you would have missed if you didn't include them at all.

    Hope this helps bud!

    Kind regards,
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    Thank you Lenny! This is perfect. Very much appreciated x
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Updated: June 16, 2016
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