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Dear people of TSR, TRY to explain this, please!

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    I'm still trying to understand some of it. I have really no idea what's on her mind most of the time. It's mysterious and interesting. Keeps me curious and wanting answers but there isn't any available for grab. Let's begin!

    Our friendship or however should I call this started by a quarrel on facebook. I'm dead serious right now. We talked for few days and then stopped for over a year. She moved close to where I live and we started talking. A lot. Everyday. I was on holiday at this moment. Once I was flew back we decided to meet after a while. It was quite awkward in the beginning but fun after a bit. Here is when all the crap began. It was a huge mess for the next months. We talk to each other for a while then stopped for a while. That's going on for YEAR AND A HALF. Sometimes it's her texting first, sometimes it's me. It's very exhausting but whatever. The answer I got from her about the first time when we meet was basically this "I wanted more but couldn't allow myself". None of this makes sense. In my mind if you want something or care about someone then prove it, try to make it count etc. I know she was terribly hurt before and it could cause some sort of reluctance to men but come on. I really tried being this nice and sweet guy. This was one of the things that annoyed me about her. She would say how much misses me and wants what we had in the beginning. Then she won't have time to even meet me or talk to me properly. It's not like she is 24/7 working or studying and I'm exaggerating. Nahh.. That's one of the things I can't understand. She will tell me some sad stuff like "if I was gone (meaning dead) no one would care, they have their own lives, I don't blame them". I will try to support her and say how it's not true and if that's the case then she should sort out her 'friends'. If they are your real friends then should care about you and support you even if you try to rob the bank, right? Friends for life! Whatever. One day we will talk for few hours straight even though we live like 5miles away and then the next day it's completely different. As if she was bipolar. I really don't know what to think. like come on gurrrllllll.... what's on your mind?
    Sorry for any mistakes or the big mess of facts all over the place. I can't really concentrate right now.

    Would anyone be actually able to explain some of that or what on Earth is going on? I don't even know what to do.

    can you like sum up the whole OP in 2 or 3 sentences :emo:
    because i have reading problems
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    (Original post by fatima1998)
    can you like sum up the whole OP in 2 or 3 sentences :emo:
    because i have reading problems
    It's not gonna happen, sorry
    You need most of the context to 'understand' this huge mess.
    Paste the text into this thing, wait a little for it to create audio file and then listen to it.

    Shes most likely ****ing around

    And not to mention shes mind controlling you when she talks about being dead to you wtf who does that

    i dont think, she is interested in you or maybe she is going through something in her life :dontknow: maybe talk to her somewhere in a quite area, spend some time together as friends and ask her
    i am rubbish at this :getmecoat:

    lol.she reminds me of my friend and her crush.maybe she gets mood swings certain days?Who knows?

    If she says ''no one cares if i die'' its a no go zone. You should just swerve out quick.
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    My thoughts are totally mixed on this. She tried committing suicide and it was when we didn't speak to each other. This makes me feel even worse about all this. When I was younger I never imagined myself being in such situation. I really wanted a stable, happy. enjoyable and truthful life. Yeah, she is 'slightly' crazy but all women are a bit... or more than just a bit.
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Updated: June 14, 2016
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