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Tesco CEO caught telling lies. Food prices + EU.

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    So if anyone know anything about the current EU trade embargo's with third world nations you will know that huge price tariffs are put on all goods especially agricultural produce if it is to be sold within the UK & Europe.

    However since the EU has signed various laws of the World Trade Organisation these trade embargo's and huge price tariffs have been knocked down.

    Now look at what the Tesco CEO has to say about food prices in relation to a Brexit.

    He says that if we leave the EU single market and use World Trade Organisation Tariffs food prices will increase?

    Such blatant lying.

    Also Stronger In Europe has their comments disabled on every video so you can't debate with them. No surprise there. EU backers don't like debating.

    Well, you can easily debate the video here or any other forum across the entire of the internet.

    Anyway, it depends on the food type and etc.

    So for example, Ireland is Europe's biggest banana importer because it has the biggest banana company in the world. Ireland then distributes bananas all around Europe and the world. If tariffs go up then so will the price of bananas. I am sure similar "supply chains" exist throughout Europe. Tescos don't simply buy some bananas from a country.

    The other issue is that British farming depends heavily on subsidies. So, in the short to medium term, the Government will have to take over that role to prevent significant unemployment. So I doubt the Government will reduce tariffs that will lead to a drop in price.s
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Updated: June 15, 2016
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