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Have i covered enough topics for the chem igcse edxecel exam today??

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    Ok i so ive covered:

    How to carry out a flame test
    Meaning of redox reaction
    The process that is carried out to prouced crystals
    Titration expermient
    titration using phenolphthalein
    what is pruced when metal oxides hydroxides and carbonates are reacted with acid
    the test for chloride broide and iodine and what precipitate they form
    the test if sulfsate ions are presenent are precipitate formed
    the test for carbonate ions
    how to get nitrogen from air (unisng fractional distillation)
    Meaning of anhydrous
    The haber process
    iron extraction
    meaning of activation energy
    crude oil (the fraction names and whta they are used for)
    how to get ammonia nitrates
    exotehrmic reaction (with graph)
    endotermic reaction (with graph)
    The process to make ethanol
    Scietist names (such as newlands mendeleev and rutherford)
    the test for hydrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide
    what chlorine and ammonia does to litmus paper
    the contact process
    electrolyis of brine
    extraction of aluminium
    graphite v diamond
    avogardo number
    only a bit on faradays (only know about the name)

    will this be enough??

    Are you doing paper 2C or 2CR?

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    (Original post by ccchiulam)
    Are you doing paper 2C or 2CR?

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    paper 2C
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