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Med School Commute 2016

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    Hi all, I'm really stuck and would appreciate some advice from current uni students/med students or anyone who can help

    !I live in London and haven't been given a place in university halls due to my proximity to campus. I have two main choices :1. Commute - 1 hour 10 door to door (45 mins on the tube) annual cost around 2/3 K2. Private halls - 2 mins walk from the Med School - studio - cost = 12K

    From a financial point of view, it make sense to commute but will I miss out on the student life? Independence ? Being able to come back home whenever, do whatever and bring whoever I want around?

    I know Medicine is quite intensive, i'll be in 5 days a week but one thing I like about coming home is I can get away from all the hustle and bustle from the medical school area to the house we have in the suburbs.

    At the same time, I want to experience living away completely from my parents + being able to do what I want. It'll be a studio room - so I don't have to deal with the food being stolen but then people say you make friends in the communal kitchens etc?

    Is the 12K worth it? I was overlooking the fact before that I would be paying for just room. It's the experience I get as well. Just not sure whether to "save" this money. N.B it's my parents money , my maintenance loan won't cover this amount.

    Any help would be appreciated. Cheers !

    (Original post by LOAend)
    Moved to medicine for you. All the best!
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Updated: June 15, 2016
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