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S2 ocr mei 2016

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Why bother with a post grad? Are they even worth it? Have your say! 26-10-2016

    (Original post by Gabriella98)
    does this mean that youd use lambda for both the mean and the variance and then use the normal test? cos that what i did..?
    Both would probably be allowed to be honest. Whilst p is very very close to 0, an approximation from an approximation would hold more error.

    n is large
    np > 10
    So Bin~> Norm

    This happened in 2015 and both cases were allowed so don't worry I kinda panicked until I saw the paper myself again

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    (Original post by ROSS1998JONES2)
    This is what I can remember

    Q1catter diagram:
    1 mark for labelled axes, 2 marks for correctly plotted points
    Spearmans: -0.366
    Spearmans hypothesis test: accept H0.
    Pearsons not appropriate since not bivariate normal because not elliptical.
    No assumptions required for Spearmans.
    1% significance level is 1% probability of rejecting H0 when it is in fact true.

    Independent: mutations dont affect probability of another mutation, random:mutations are unpredictable
    Binomial calculation: 20C1 x 0.012^1 x 0.988^19 or something like that
    Approximation to posission: mean = 500x0.012, then use tables etc.
    Approximation to normal, mean=50000x0.012, variance=50000x0.012x0.998 then standardise and use tables etc.

    Simple normal calculations
    Manufacturer claims over 95% etc.: calculate value= 0.9502 so claim is true.
    Find sigma and mu, sigma =6350 and mu = 60500 or 50850 or something like that?
    Draw distributions: X has lower mean and variance so less spread but taller
    Calculate value of h when 99.9%: I got 40500 or there abouts

    Calculate expected frequency of female and likes maths, show contribution=...
    Chi test, add up contributions, accept H0.
    Normal test, calculate mean and variance or standard distribution, calculate test statistic, reject H0.

    If any one remembers anything else let me know.
    Hi how sure are you of your answers to the hypothesis tests? Because I remember rejecting 1 and accepting 2 tests, but the majority of my friends did it the other way round...

    Also on another thread I found a picture of the first page of the exam, does anyone have a picture of the second page by any chance? Thank you!
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Updated: June 21, 2016
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