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What can i do? (Personal statement builder)

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    Hello, I am currently in year 12 and am going to be writing my personal statement over the summer and I was wondering if I could do something over the summer to help make my statement more solid. I'd be working over the summer but haven't really done anything in my life worth writing about. Any suggestions?

    Something related to the course you wanna apply for. Honestly the more stuff specifically related to your subject you can put in your personal statement the better.

    For academic courses, extra reading/watching lectures (online too) is always good to do

    What's the best stuff to include if you're applying for English Literature?

    (Original post by hogwartsmyhome)
    What's the best stuff to include if you're applying for English Literature?
    A broad variety of literature from different forms (poetry, prose, novels, short stories) genres, periods and countries.

    If you want to shake things up then you could watch plays or adaptions of work, or go to poetry readings, or listen to radio documentaries/watch tv documentaries about different types of literature.

    Basically EXPLORE YOUR PERSONAL INTERESTS....that way your PS will be personal and show genuine enthusiasm rather than feeling like you're ticking things off a list or following a template.

    The only other thing worth doing is to research degree options in depth - make sure that the topics that interest you are options available on the courses you apply to. A PS that spends a paragraph on poetry for a course where poetry isn't really covered in any detail will make you look poorly prepared.
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Updated: June 15, 2016
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