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Osborne Cries the Sky is Falling!

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    So Osborne says if we vote for a Brexit he is going to do 30 Billion more Austerity.

    Guess if your some way reliant on public services and welfare you have no choice. You must vote to remain in the EU or the Government will screw you over.

    But think of it this way. Eventually the Tories are going to cut all public services and completely abolish all welfare.

    You are eventually going to lose everything and be at the mercy of Social-Darwinism & Crony Capitalism combined.

    Would you be willing to trade the tyranny you live in for a free Britain where we can decide the fate of our own country rather than bowing to unelected bureaucrats who could well turn into same kind of monsters like Stalin & Hitler.

    That is the choice and if you fail to free yourself from tyranny you only have yourself to blame when the day of reckoning comes.

    That day is when this so called Euro Government screws you

    Sod the folks on benefits or the public services. It is my job which relies on a stable economy that I care about. If we leave we are in for a bumpy ride of uncertainty, political instability and the unleashing of the law of unintended consequence. Not something I particularly relish the thought of.

    Anybody with the tiniest bit of economic literacy knows this is a threat, pure and simple.

    There is an emergency budget in two cases, first is the most common and that is a change in government structure, I.e. the incumbent government lost the election (or a coalition changes, as with last year), the second is an emergency that cannot wait until march to be dealt with. This will be neither.

    The early hit, so for the first quarter, will be practically non existent as most of the contracts for that period already exists, in that first quarter we get an image for the next year, but in 3 months it will take quite something to need a budget rather than just a spending review.

    This now brings us to next year's budget. At this point, depending on the outlook as gleaned over the next 6-9 months, we may start seeing the effect, which if it takes the austerity route will probably manifest itself in cancelling tax cuts and spending increases and maybe increase the sin taxes more than originally planned.

    We then start coming up on the half way mark for the negotiations, and the progress here needs considering. If it's going quite well things will be fine, if not people get a bit jittery and the austerity program might be a bit harsher. The question is what then comes in the autumn statement, it will be 9 months before brexit. At this point the chancellors job is to try to keep the economy stable when brexit comes, if the negotiations are nearly done then things can broadly continue as they are. If not the 2018 budget may well come with the start of a recession, at which point the question is austerity or Keynes.

    If austerity is chosen we get what we were just told we'd get. If Keynes, tax cuts and spending increases. Either way, this is little more than an empty threat, unnecessarily enacting any budget with such measures, something the proposed emergency budget would be, could lose the 2020 election.

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Updated: June 15, 2016
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