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    I am planning to do Biology, Psychology and either Accounting or business studies, What career paths can this lead to at Uni?

    (Original post by chrisjericho)
    I am planning to do Biology, Psychology and either Accounting or business studies, What career paths can this lead to at Uni?
    Have a look at http://university.which.co.uk/a-leve...chology?o=2031 (and click into the Close Matches and Unexpected Matches tabs too) and read about those possibilities. There are a whole bunch of other opportunities too - most subjects that aren't commonly available at A level are worth looking into.

    What are you interested in? Are there any subjects that you'd go out of your way to read a bit more about/get lost on wikipedia?

    I would advise you to slightly alter your A - Level choices, but I will first answer your question with reference to your current A - Level choices, then advise on what changes it would be beneficial to make, and most importantly why.

    With biology you will be eligible to study biology at university, psychology could also help as it is a related subject. Linking with this, you could also feasibly study psychology. Psychology can lead onto further training to become a clinical psychologist, or other professional occupations (see here: https://www.prospects.ac.uk/careers-...ree/psychology). Biology could lead on to research roles, however, like most degrees biology is fairly versatile and you could go into many other jobs in government, business and more...

    Business studies or accountancy could both, along with your other two, enable you to study business, management, accountancy or economics courses at university. However, be warned, without mathematics you would be restricted to lower ranking universities for all three, particularly with economics and accountancy. These degrees can lead to many career options, mostly in business or finance (see here: https://www.prospects.ac.uk/careers-...gree/economics).

    The only problem with your A Level choices is that you have two of what are refereed to as 'mickey mouse' A Levels; psychology and business studies/accountancy. These are less respected, particularly by Russel Group Universities (http://russellgroup.ac.uk/), in fact I'm reluctant to even imply that a Russel Group university would even consider you with two mickey mouse A levels, they generally offer only on a basis of a minimum of one less respected A level being offered. This is something very prevalent when applying for university, as you must understand, they are easier, and so you will be looked upon less favourably. (see here for Trinity College ranking of A -Levels (http://www.trin.cam.ac.uk/admissions...l-combinations).

    Although it wasn't exactly your question, what I would strongly advise is to really evaluate you intellectual capability, but mostly your willingness to work and study hard from DAY ONE. If you feel you're capable at achieving through all highly respected A - Levels, chose only respected A - Levels, as you will strongly regret not doing so when you apply for university; provided you have potential to be high achieving.

    I am only so passionate about this as I chose one less respected A - Level, Media studies, and now I am completely re-doing year 12 as I won't be able to get into a university which matches my potential with media studies. I also know of two people who feel the very same regret, and wish they had known sooner so they could change.

    I would recommend you chose economics A - Level instead of business studies or accountancy...it is fairly similar, harder yes, but highly respected. I would also recommend that you chose something different than psychology, if you want to go down an economics/business route in university, chose maths, but if you want to go down a biology/psychology route, you will be fine with psychology. However, having said that, they highly value maths for biology degrees, as they involve a lot of chemistry, which involves a lot of maths. Just to be clear, maths would be a better option for both biology and psychology, sounds counter intuitive, I know, but maths is a lot harder, and thus shows off your intellect much more; they don't care much for knowledge learnt in a psychology A - level for a degree in it.

    So to summarise, if you feel capable, and motivated to take harder A - Levels, do so, because it will grant you much more liberty when it comes to applying to university. And if you are wondering what all the fuss about good universities is about, use this website (unistats.direct.gov.uk) and compare the average salary for any one subject between different universities e.g UCL (highly ranked) and bradford (Lowly), it really is worth it to get into a good uni.

    Ignore the poster above when they give you advice about "mickey mouse subjects " based on hearsay and the opinions of a college that admits 300 students a year.

    A single college at Cambridge does not even reflect the preferences of Cambridge - never mind the russell group. And even there they're lenient if your subject choices are restricted by your school/college.

    Psychology and Biology are on LSEs preferred subjects list:

    Both those and Accounting are on Sheffield's preferred list: https://www.sheffield.ac.uk/undergra...olicies/alevel

    You only have one facilitating subject from the RG list - but facilitating subjects are recommended to keep a broad range of options open. Something which you have as you're looking at a science, a science/social science and a business related subject. You've got research methods, analysis, critical thinking, essay writing and a bunch of other transferable skills covered.

    (And for what it's worth I know people who graduated from Cambridge English degrees who had Media Studies A level - when they say they want 2 subjects from a preferred subject list it is not a lie).
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    Thank you, this has helped me. I want to ask what about if I did Biology Chemistry and psychology
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    Thank you
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