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MIcrosoft or Sony (Xbox Vs Playstation ) E3 2016

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    Who do you think was the victor? Personally it was sony. Horizon Zero Dawn, Playstation VR Games, GOD OF WAR!!, Hideo Kojima's new game and a freaking remaster of the crash bandicoot series? I think sony definitely won.
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    I got a PS4 on launch but sold it for an xbox one, primarily because i spent my time on the 360 before hand and my friends all went with xbox. Anyhow, I really like the look of Horizon and death stranded and that's about it. I used to play crash as a kid but was always more a spyro fan. The crash remakes really don't appeal to me now, like at all. Days gone looks like a generic zombie game and to be fair i'm bored of those and finally the VR stuff is cool but it also doesn't appeal to me yet.

    I preferred the xbox stuff this E3. Really looking forwards Sea of thieves. I mean, come on, an mmorpg where you can plunder and have piratey adventures with your friends while designing ships and stuff? Count me in.
    Also looking forward to Gears 4, Scalebound, dead rising 4, We happy few, state of decay 2 and halo wars 2.

    I quite like Microsoft's attempt to take back the PC with 'Xbox anywhere', a lot more crossplay between Xbox and PC as well as Halo 6 & Halo Wars 2 to be released for PC soon.
    Although in my opinion it's a little to early to tell who exactly won, I mean E3 is just a showcase after all.

    de best hands down

    ........or up but xbox all the way
    not that i can back it up
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Updated: June 17, 2016
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