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Suitable A Levels to keep options open?

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    (Original post by AnnieGakusei)
    Please, just do what you enjoy. You're going to have to do it for two years. If you don't enjoy it you're going to have a hellish time at sixth form.

    I got five offers from Russell Group universities and then a sixth offer through UCAS Extra (not Russell Group but very respected nonetheless). My subjects?

    English Language (softer subject)
    Sociology (softer subject)
    Philosophy and Ethics (respected subject)
    General Studies (soft subject but I got several offers which would accept my General Studies grade as part of their offer)

    I actually got a C at AS for Philosophy and Ethics (was supposed to get an A but something happened with the marking) but straight As in everything else.

    To be fair, I didn't apply for Oxbridge but even those two unis will usually accept one "soft" subject and two "respected" subjects.

    Anyway, I truly enjoy my subjects and it made sixth form a very pleasurable experience for me, for the most part, because I was doing things I absolutely loved. I really wouldn't advise doing a bunch of subjects you don't really enjoy just because you think it'll make you more likely to get into university.
    That's really helpful, thank you! I think I'm leaning more towards Biology at the moment, I honestly do enjoy it
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    (Original post by RosieHA)
    I studied biology chemistry physics and Latin at a level.. Sciences and maths are really good for keeping options open. I applied for quite a range of uni courses.. Bio archaeology, bio veterinary, zoology and animal behaviour and welfare and got 5 offers.. Plus RVC dropped my entry grades because I was doing 3 sciences at A2 also my friend is in her first year of psychology and she said a lot of first year is very similar to A2 biology.. hope this helps.
    That's great to know, thank you! Do you think taking Biology as an only science is a bad idea? (English Lit, Music, German, Biology)

    (Original post by kisaki)
    Do whatever subjects you want to do/enjoy. I can't stress this enough, the more interested you are the better your grades will be and THAT is what will influence your university choices.

    Choosing psychology over biology will not be considered 'soft' and stop you getting into a reputable uni. Plenty of my friends didn't do a traditional science or math (they chose psychology ect) and have gone onto doing psyc degrees at Russel groups. If you're thinking about a psyc degree why not take it at A-level to get a taste for it?

    I think the hard/soft subject thing is getting a bit outdated and irrelevant now if I'm honest, unless you're applying to oxbridge I haven't seen any instances of it making an impact. As long as you take the specified 'requirement' courses for the chosen field (like math for a math degree, science for psyc ect) You'll get an offer with the grades and a good personal statement.

    I'm currently taking a year out but I hold offers for September at Russel group unis for law and my subject choices would be seen as soft, I didn't even take English.

    Don't do general studies though
    I am intersted in doing a law degree @ a russel group uni and was just wondering what a levels you chose

    I do English literature, music and classical civilisation at alevel and did history at AS. All very demanding and require different skills. I would definitely choose subjects you're interested in but that are related to your course

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    (Original post by just_a_geek)
    That's great to know, thank you! Do you think taking Biology as an only science is a bad idea? (English Lit, Music, German, Biology)
    I think that having at least one science is a good idea.. but to be honest I think your subject choices won't really make that much difference if you do well in them.. I think you'd be better off just choosing something which you're interested in, A levels are a big step up from GCSE and you need to have the drive to study hard if you're looking for top grades and you'll only do that if you're interested in what you're doing I found some modules in physics so difficult to learn because i just didn't enjoy doing it! So I'd say definitely do biology because its useful for what you'll be studying but as for the other three just do something which interests you and go for the highest grades you can

    (Original post by just_a_geek)
    I'm in Year 11 at school and have chosen English Literature, Music, German and Philosophy and Ethics to study for A Level next year. However, although I'm trying to keep my options as open as possible (hence the strange mix of subjects, haha) I'm really considering applying to study Psychology at university? So I'm thinking of swapping Phil + Ethics to either Biology or Psychology A Level (as a science subject is often preferred if you're doing a Psychology degree). Anyone got any advice as to which one to choose? I've been told that Psychology A Level (unfairly) may have a bit of a reputation as being a 'soft' subject, so would that affect my options?

    Any help is much appreciated! Thank you!
    Biology is a better choice than philosophy or psychology at a-level. If you apply for a BSc degree (a science-based degree) you would be scrutinised for choosing something like philosophy and ethics over biology. In case you change your mind about what course you want to do, having a science, a language, a humanity and an art looks like a great mix that shows how wide-ranged you are

    (Original post by just_a_geek)
    That's really helpful, thank you so much! May I ask which A Levels you chose to take?
    I do psychology, sociology and biology
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