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Chemistry C2 unoficial mark scheme

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    (Not in order )
    1) 5.75 (excluding anomali ) add and divide (2marks )
    B) 80.34% (on the lines of that ) (3marks )
    C) rate of reactions and temp - more successful collisions, frequent collisions , particles Coliding faster increasing rate of reaction (4 marks )
    2) pH 7 (1 marks )
    B) covalent bond ( 1 mark )
    C) water has no charge hence can't carry current ( 2 marks )
    D) ammonium chloride
    3 180-200 kg because it's the optimum mass of fertiliser , increases profit , produces crop yield of 1900 etc less running of into river (6 marks )
    4) dot and cross- 3 covalent joined pairs (2 marks )
    B- nano particles are smaller than atoms - 0-100 nm (1)
    C- nano particles have a larger surfaces area compared to ratio (1)
    D- hydrogen is more reactive than magnesium .( 1 mark )
    5) why can metels be bent and shapes - regular structure , delocalised ions , layers slide over eachother - (4 marks )
    A) describe bonding inc elections in magnesium chloride - need to pairs (4) of Mg and cl . Mg has 2 elections and cl had 7 need 2 pairs .mg transfers (oxidation ) and cl receives (reduction )(4marks )
    Bi) mg didkt form at neg electrode because it sank to the bottom
    B) balance - 2 cl. 2 cl2 2E (1 mark )
    C ) why can copper conduct electricity - deloalosed elections free to carry charge (2 marks )
    7) why is diamond hard - rigid structure - strong covalent bond where 3 carbon atoms from 4 covalent bonds , layers can't slide (2 marks )
    A- why would you use thermosetting instead of thermosoftening - cross links , strong bond and can widstand high temperatures (3 marks )
    8 ) goes clowdy because S is formed (precipitate ) sulfur dioxide produced (2 mark )
    A) improve by adding lid to prevent heat escaping or entering (2 marks )

    Magnesium ions are more reactive than hydrogen ions actually that's why they remain in solution and hence hydrogen is formed at the negative electrode

    Magnesium didn't form because it sank to the bottom but because it is more reactive than hydrogen so it stays in solution

    Diamond forms 4 covalent bonds actually (strong)

    Nanoparticles are larger than atoms.
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Updated: June 17, 2016
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