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Muslims and sexual desires

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    Never felt any desire. Don't know why. I know I'm not asexual. I am attracted to boys but not in that way. Why am I like this? God knows

    (Original post by sunshine774)
    How? I always do! :lol:
    i am just not active in this field

    (Original post by Anonymous)
    Masturbation is a harmful habbit especially for men
    Still better than having sex tho. You cannot expect to supress and restrict feelings and not think about I. Like if you are on a diet and you completely restrict all that yummy food, well u are eventually going to slip and fall and then go crazy and feel extremely guilty and *****y afterwards. I think masturbation is a good compromise if you want to have control over your desires.

    (Original post by shez088)
    Im a muslim guy and i tried to control my self a long time and kept telling my family that i want to get married but it seems like they werent keen on it till i finish uni but i eventually gave up and went and had sex with my girlfriend i know ive commited a big sin but i just realised that having sex is a crucial part in having a happy and healthy life.
    LOL you had a pretty big revelation.

    (Original post by Sammi_K?)
    LOL you had a pretty big revelation.
    Yh i messed up in life ... But i just pray that all muslims who are on the right path god makes it easy for them.

    (Original post by Sammi_K?)
    LOL you had a pretty big revelation.
    Yh i messed up in life unfortunately....
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Updated: June 16, 2016
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