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Help on Law Extended Project Qualification

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    I am currently preparing to start my extended project qualification which I will complete over summer and have most of it completed by September so I can focus on A2. I am hoping to apply to university to study law and I have chosen to take up the extended project qualification at my sixth form to aid my university application and get extra UCAS points. I need to ask myself a question on any topic (I have chosen law to show my enthusiasm), then write a 5000 word essay on this along with a presentation which I will present to staff, as well as collecting sources in a bibliography along the way, evaluating each source I have used. The question can be anything to do with law however I would like it to be something controversial. The only limit is that it can't be anything I have studied directly from my A level lessons. This means I can't answer a question on murder, manslaughter, burglary, non fatal offences or euthanasia.

    One of the most obvious ones to ask is something like "should the state bring back capital punishment?" however I would like to be a bit more original than that.

    I'd be very grateful if you could help me with any ideas or suggestions you may have.

    I think with these things it's awlays better to choose something you found yourself and which appeals to you rather than something suggested by someone else. That way You will have enough interest to push you through.

    Think about what you are trying to do and what might interest your target audience.
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Updated: June 16, 2016
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