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Unofficial Mark-scheme- Religious Studies Philosophy OCR GCSE 2016

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    (Original post by emilia12113)
    belief about deityB) how does the holy spirit influence Christians? ( I wrote through the pentacost and by guiding Christians through daily life) C) Given an example of a Miracle ( I wrote jesus turned water into white and it was a miracle over nature as it went against the laws of nature. Would that be sufficient for 3 marks?) D) Why Christians believe in the existence of God? ( I spoke about most of the key arguments such as teleological, cosmological and argument of experience) End of lifeA) B) C) Christian beliefs about heaven ( I said that it is a place of eternal happiness where God is omnipotent and is the ruler of the kingdom)D) Christian beliefs about what happens to the soul after death? ( I spoke about the immortality of the soul that the soul rises to be judged immediately after death and elaborated on that, i also spoke how another belief is that the soul and the body remains as one until judgement day)
    Christianity based Unofficial mark-scheme created by me Rakstar
    Beliefs about Deity

    How does the holy spirit influence Christians?
    (b)Yes you have fortunately achieved 2 marks with the Holy Spirit influencing through Pentecostal worship, and guiding, comforting Christians through daily life.(2/2)

    Give an example of a Miracle
    (c) For this question perhaps you needed to elaborate a bit more, I know this is quite strict but to have achieved the full marks you needed to delve into deeper ideas. Yes, I loved that you mentioned about his first miracle at the wedding where he converted water into wine, so that would get you one mark. It defied the laws of nature therefore another mark, from that comment, and finally you needed to make another important link to maybe his divinity, that it suggested he was the Son Of God, and his omnibenevolence of celebrating an event like this.You would get (2/3)You could have also mentioned the most important miracle in Christianity as the resurrection and explain and slightly develop the importance of it, and how its a miracle. (3/3)

    Why Christians believe in the existence of God?
    (d) You would probably get full marks for this question, unless you're SPAG is not communicated properly. Yes so for this you could mention and make points on the various arguments, so the ontological argument introduced by St Anselm Of Canterbury, teleological/ intelligent design argument introduced by Sir Isaac Newton and developed by William Paley, Charles Darwins- Natural Selection, and Thomas Aqunas's cosmological argument explanation for the Big Bang, or how the universe existed in the first place and there must have been a first cause. You could talk about the Guilty conscience argument, that how we make moral decisions is from the voice of God. Conversion or numinous experiences brought about that Christians may have experienced God personally. The upbringing of Christians, how they were nurtured by their parents to believe that God has always existed. Finally you could mention signs of miracles, and the Bible itself having teachings of Jesus which makes Christians believe in him through his actions etc. There is a whole load of points, you don't have to mention every single one but 4 or more would get you full marks. This would get you (6/6) marks

    End of life-I did Islam for this but i'll answer it

    (c) Christian beliefs about heaven
    Yes you would get the full marks here, well should do perhaps you could have developed it but I think that's enough! It is a place where it is in the absence of pain, suffering, sin, and evil. It is a place of eternal happiness and peace. Where you can be united with God in his kingdom, yes God is omnipotent and is transcendent which you can explain and make links to heaven. Heaven is indescribable and is beyond our human understanding, however people have ancient images of what heaven can look like. But it limits the beauty of heaven.You got (3/3) for that one.

    (d) Christian beliefs about what happens to the soul after death?
    You would probably wouldn't get full marks for this one, as you needed to make one more point and explain further. So firstly, I liked what you did with the question you have defined what a soul is, so it is a divine source, which is holy/ sacred, immortal and immaterial substance which continues after death in Christianity. You have also mentioned that it can be judged right after, also can be judged on judgement day by God, but you then needed to make links to heaven, hell, purgatory- for Roman Catholics. So if the soul has committed sins in its lifetime and is unforgivable then it will be punished in hell, if it has avoided sins and God- the omnibenevolent has forgiven some of their sins they can enter paradise with God. Finally, for the roman catholic denomination they believe that most souls enter purgatory and their sins are washed in this place and through a process by which they are in preparation to enter heaven. Can make any references from the Bible that links in with afterlife. You would get (4/6) But if anyone used my points you should get (6/6)

    Good and Evil- I did Islam for this lol, but i'll do Christianity for you.

    (b) Give two examples of evil in the world that people suffer from. ( I wrote natural evil such as tsunamis and moral evil such as murder.)- I did the same by embedding both types of evil and how people suffer from that, that will achieve you full marks! Natural evil, (inevitable due to the way the world is) such as natural disasters like earthquakes, tsunamis etc. people suffer from the destruction of their homes, starvation and famine, poverty. Yes, you can also mention moral evil, items like gambling can inflict depression for those people who lost lot's of money because they participated in gambling, murder, violence, can cause other suffering implications. (2/2) for that, nice!

    (d) If God is good then why is there evil?
    Yes you would get the full marks for that with the exception of the SPAG marks.The main reason is that Christians suffer from evil, predominantly based on their strenght of faith in God in the face of adversity. So it is a test. I am glad you have used examples of Job who had his faith tested, also can mention that Jesus was an important role- model, and Christians suffering will be rewarded in heaven. Yes the last comment that humans do have "free will" is important, because moral evil is caused by humans being tempted by Satan/devil and their own ego to do bad deeds and actions. You have got 6/6 for that one, which is extremely impressive.

    Religion and Science-That's a relief I did Christianity for this one

    (b) Give an example of the way Christians can show care for the environment
    I would say you have definitely got 2 mark for the charity reference and Christians contributing to it. From looking at other mark schemes with the similar question you have to slightly explain the point on the topic of charity. Other points can include: not polluting the environment, through the appreciation of thanksgiving services, altering their lifestyles to show care for the environment, by altering their method of transport cycling, running, public transport. Christian companies using less CFC in their products, there is so many points, but for 2 marks just mention one point and explain it.But volunteering and donating are two different aspects you could potentially get 2 marks in my view, especially that bonus of mentioning green peace and protection for wildlife is one of the best answers (2/2)

    (c) Give a christian teaching about showing care to the environment
    Yes, you did quite well in this question, firstly the main point about a christian teaching that show's their care is stewardship. That should ring a bell to everyone. I believe you would get 2 marks as the answer you have provided is insufficient as what did you mean by "play" examiners may want you to slightly elaborate to have got you the full marks. Because god has made us stewards on earth, we do have responsibility and should be caretakers of the kingdom of the earth.Genesis 1, "Rule over the fish of the sea and the birds of the air." We should as a result of stewardship, express agape, (unconditional love) to the environment and help preserve the integrity of the environment.You would get (2/3) might get (3/3) if you are lucky, or examiners are less strict. You should get (3/3) with my model answer.

    (d) Describe Christian beliefs about the relationship between science and religion in it theories'
    Yes, perfect that's the main thing that they wanted to look out for in the 6 marker question. Maybe more points of course, but that is the main aspect that examiners wanted to look out for. You could mention Phillipe Gosse, (fossils being a test from God), St Augustine, natural selection- Charles Darwin, the teleological argument- William Paley. The intelligent design supports natural selection because the complexity of mutations and the development of life forms from simple to complex had been done by a higher intelligence being God. You could perhaps suggest that also Einstein believed that the creation of organisms and the creation of the world and the cosmos needed a "helping hand".Furthermore you could develop points with mentioning that science and religious theories can contradict for more literallist/ creationist Christians based on their belief in the Genesis creation story, how organisms were created in a different order, but natural selection suggests organisms developed from simple life forms. Also the fact that the actual calculation from the Bible when the world was created contradicted the actual creation of the world according to modern scientists. However liberal Christians would argue that they have more spiritual truths and shouldn't be taken literally, science can still support religion. I agree with you that the world being created in 7 days by God is a more fundamentalist/literallist approach from their point of view which can extend the marks for you!

    Thank you, make sure you guys give it a rep if you like it! Cheers!

    Kindly, please suggest any questions on Christianity and Islam that I have missed and I will edit the mark-scheme! Once the mark scheme is finished, please inform me if I have made any errors, thanx!
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    easier than past papers in my opinion
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    Results on thursday, I hope rs markscheme is low for us
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